We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

~~~Hebrews 6:19

It has been said that we are all either on our way into a storm, in the midst of a storm, or on the way out of a storm. What makes us emotionally and mentally healthy is not the storm itself, but how we choose to respond to it and its aftermath. At Anchored Counseling Services, we will help you weather life’s inevitable storms; to access and activate your hope, faith, and inner strength; to find and utilize your firm and secure anchors.

We can’t control the inevitable storms or life (past, present, or future). But, we can provide you the tools to learn from and recover from past storms, to make the changes necessary to cope with your present storms, and to anchor your “ship” to safe harbors as you face future storms.

We will assist you, your children, your intimate partner, or your family as you navigate your journey towards accomplishing your life’s goals. Please call or email us for an individual, couples, or family therapy appointment.